With proper care, a piano can last a lifetime, and even longer. But as a mechanical device made up of some 9,000 to 14,000 parts, most of which are wood, your piano will occasionally need repairs. Wood parts dry out and become brittle. Felt and leather parts wear out. Strings get old, develop rust, and lose their elasticity.

Piano RepairsAt Domeny’s Piano Service, we don’t just tune pianos; We offer complete piano service, which includes repairs. Our piano technician, a Registered Piano Technician member of the Piano Technicians Guild, has the training, knowledge, and experience to handle just about any repair your piano may need.

Following is a partial list of common repairs that we are able to perform:

  • Diagnose and fix sticking keys and sluggish action parts
  • Diagnose and fix “broken keys” (notes that don’t play at all)
  • Repair or replace broken strings
  • Repair or replace tuning pins that are so loose they can’t be tuned
  • Clean and twist bass strings to restore resonance
  • Repair or replace broken hammers or other broken action parts
  • Fix pedals that squeak or are not working properly
  • Replace key tops
  • Replace felt bushings on keys that have become loose and wobbly
  • Plus much more

After performing an on-site evaluation of the piano, our technician will go over your repair options with you, giving you a written estimate of the cost.

While many repairs can be performed on-site, occasionally it may be necessary to bring your piano’s action (the internal working mechanism of the piano) or some other component of your piano to our shop for repairs. When shop work is required, half of the estimated repair cost will be due up-front, with the remaining balance due when the job is completed.


There is a minimum charge of $145 for a repair service call. Because many repairs do not come to $145, and because your piano most likely needs to be tuned anyway, we recommend that you add any repairs your piano may need to a tuning service call.

Call us at 909-824-2561 if you have any questions or if you wish to make an appointment for our piano services.