In a piano, musical sound is produced when a felt-covered hammer strikes one or more strings that have been tuned to the correct frequency. The quality of sound produced is determined, to a large degree, by the stiffness and density of the felt on that hammer.

Voicing, also called tone regulation, is the process of adjusting the tone of the piano. The goal of voicing is to obtain a pleasing, consistent tone quality at every possible dynamic level, from a soft and sweet pianissimo to a full and rich fortissimo. In a well regulated piano this is accomplished by careful and judicious needling of the hammers.

Through voicing, our technician can help your piano deliver the full, warm, rich, pleasing sound that it was designed to produce.

Piano VoicingSymptoms that your piano may be in need of voicing include:

  • Harsh, metallic or “zinging” sounds when notes are played
  • Rapid decay in volume when notes are played and sustained, especially in the 5th and 6th octaves
  • Unevenness of tone from one note to the next
  • Difficulty achieving a soft, sweet pianissimo when desired

If your piano is in need of voicing, our technician will explain exactly what needs to be done and give you an estimate of the cost. Also, if you have an idea of the tonal quality that you would like your piano to deliver, our technician will work with you to achieve that desired sound.

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